This website is for information in a Private Equity investment vehicle.   As such, you are in all likelihood here, like most, for that information and specifics.   We offer two globally oriented and fundamentally value based funds with our concentrated ACI Partnership Fund and a very concentrated ACI Partnership Fund II.

Some believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said,

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, while attributing "Compound interest is the world's greatest discovery" to Albert Einstein.   Whoever said what first matters little, what matters is the basics of long-term investing is to compound earned capital over time.


This informational website is set up for the potential investor to learn about ACI Partnership Fund's process of employing a fundamental bottoms-up and deep value approach to investing over the longer-term.   Among some of our other beliefs on investing, these long tested practices are provided in the Process and Influences sections.

Though we are a private investment, the ACI Partnership Funds are currently available for investor's self-directed IRA accounts and 401k rollover accounts with an approved brokerage custodian.

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