As one can define a word as they wish, let us define Mercertus. We define Mercertus from the Latin derivation of “Merit” in meaning earned or deserved and from “Cert” as in to trust. Hence we derive our commitment to you and that commitment is to earn your deserved trust in how we conduct our business — Mercertus — the root for Mercertus Capital, LLC — the “General Partner” of the ACI Partnership Funds.
The managing partner over the past 20+ years has pursued a discipline of fundamental value investing. A research approach that is repeatable and an investment process which is used to create a portfolio that seeks absolute returns with limited investment risk, over the long-term. Our funds are guided by a proven value philosophy, which first focuses on the strength of a company’s balance sheet and second on the discounted or market dislocations in prices of its securities.


Potential Partner Letter

An initial way to understand who we are and how we view our partners is to look over our potential partner letter in the link below.   This brief introduction has the most relevant information and takes the view as if we were in your shoes, which we are, as the Chief Investment Officer and Advisors all have ‘skin in the game‘ with their own capital invested in our fund.

Our Potential Partner Letter