According to philosopher Immanuel Kant, a Maxim is a subjective principle or rule that the will of an individual uses in making a decision. As such and in part, below are a few of the Maxims which your managing partner of the Fund uses in consideration while investigating an idea and prior to placing our capital in promotion of that idea.

  • Detach yourself from the crowd — (Do not be a lemming)
  • Losses must always be “cut”, if facts change — (No falling knives)
  • What man wishes, that too will be what he believes — (Avoid Overoptimism)
  • Focus sharpens returns, concentrate best ideas — (Do not want to be average)
  • And with limited loss, become speculative, bet big — (Watch the basket closely)
  • Do not anchor on what you have, investigate — (Do not “Satisfice”)
  • Always search for disconfirming evidence — (Always invert)
  • Challenge your best idea, destroy it if you can — (Idea competition)
  • Zero can not grow, do not lose — (Compound destroyer)
  • Envy runs the world — (Man is disposed by nature to appropriate)
  • Avoid Influence-from-mere-association — (Do not be misled by past successes)
  • Lumpy over smooth — (A bumpy 15% beats a smooth 10%)
  • Margin of Safety — (Price matters)
  • Consilience — (Research across disciplines)
  • Behind the curtain — (It is not in your best interest to tell all)

Immanuel Kant


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